Welcome to Reflections on Existence. In this world which can often be busy and chaotic, I was hoping to create a space for you to find peace. I invite you to slow down, and along with me, to practice the art of appreciation. There is a way to walk through life with a sense of awe for all things…great and small, and in doing so make the ordinary into the extraordinary. Seeing in this way makes everything into a creative adventure. So often we only take the time to look at things with regard to their exterior, neglecting the hidden world of the interior. Art, science, literature, music are all ways that we use to see the exterior and to draw out that interior world.

My hope is that you see through the words and the pictures into a larger space. Feel free to post comments or questions that are respectful of the nature of this space. I can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. You are part of the beauty and the majesty of the created world. I value your thoughts.

10 thoughts on “Vision

  1. People like you can make so much difference Maria. you’re quite talented with your background and various engagements, I’m sure this will help us all. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts and ideas


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