Blooms and Beatitude

“All roses are open to the elements.

They bud, bloom, and fade.

The rose grows entirely unaware, changing naturally from one state to another.

And although the elements may treat her cruelly,

She knows nothing of it and continues to her end without judgement on her beauty.”

– Sabine De Barra  from the film “A Little Chaos”


Humans, being starkly aware of their mortality, do not have the luxury of living in blissful ignorance as roses do. It seems much easier for us to fret over wrinkles and gray hair than it is to accept that we are just as majestic, changeable and glorious as the rose in all of our stages. It is tempting to think of the life cycle of the rose, from bud to bloom, from fruit to seed, as the story of human maturity over a single lifetime.

Humans dream, imagine, transform themselves, act with courage, remain committed to goodness, persevere, sacrifice for each other…humans are capable of love. In those very acts, we are continuously blooming, from morning to evening, from moment to moment throughout our lives – beginning, growing, ending, and being reborn to ourselves and to each other. It is through the truth of self-giving love that we “bloom a million roses” (Austriaco, 2015). In that lies the greatest miracle. Love is eternal.

Music “A Little Chaos” from the film with the same title. Enjoy!

Photo of Roses by Paul Baldassini. You can find examples of his paintings on his website by clicking herePhotos were taken at the Elizabeth Park Conservancy in Hartford, CT. 

To contemplate a stunning picture of lilies in three stages of bloom visit Jerry Vis nature photography at his website here.

Austriaco, N., O.P. (2015, June). Science and religion seminar. Lecture presented at the Institute for Church Life at The University of Notre Dame: South Bend, Indiana.

Rickman, A. (Director). (2014). A little chaos [Transcript and music]. United Kingdom: BBC films.


3 thoughts on “Blooms and Beatitude

  1. I’ve been thinking about your message for over a day. My first thoughts were a bit abstract and I wasn’t able to put them to words.

    We often separate ourselves from the natural world. Thinking we are something more than the things we actually know very little about. Sure, we understand their biology and, through observation, their life cycles. But, what is really going in inside of them, eludes human understanding.

    Within it all, not only are we all connected as humans, we are also connected to the natural world. We are natural. Our hearts and souls are the fertile soil that brings forth our bloom for all to see. In my case, it wasn’t until I let go, laying back and allowing the flow to take me where it may. Sort of like the saying, “Let go and let God”, which contradicts another saying, “God helps those who help themselves.”

    I always said, “If I could help myself, then why would I need God?” It is faith that allows us to truly let go, lay back and let the flow of life take us where it may. This is the path of the heart. A path where we can’t plan our destination nor even to preliminarily try to follow the path to all possible outcomes. It is not a safe path to the eyes and the mind, but it is actually the safest path that we have. Again, only faith will allow us to take this path, because it leads into the unknown.

    The path reveals itself as we walk along. From a distance it is covered in clouds. But, as we walk, the clouds continue to part, always allowing the light to shine upon us.

    Basically, it is all about letting go, living life, just as the rose. Our hearts will guide us on our journey to the truth of who we are inside.

    If I were to look at possible outcomes, they are all based on past experience. A month from now I could be homeless, but even that doesn’t bother me anymore. No matter where I am, or my circumstances, the only thing that matters is that I express my truth, which can be done anywhere, in many different ways. God created us to express our/His beauty. The light of life is this beauty. We could get caught in a scriptural debate. Worry if what we are doing is right or wrong, or pleasing to God. In my heart, it is much more simple than that.

    God is pleased when we are expressing the beauty of who we truly are. When doing so, all the rest just falls into place, because we are expressing the Light of God. The beauty of God. Why search for what has already found us? Simply live the beauty that is inside all of us.

    Just some of my thoughts and feelings that were inspired by your beautiful message.


    1. Matthew, what you said is beautiful. You might think about posting this. There is a delicate balance between our own human effort and the work of God through us. The one thing I cling to is that God gives us absolute freedom. It is a love that continues no matter what we do. That alone is so difficult for us, as humans, to understand and even more difficult to put into practice. Staying still inside the unknown is one of the most difficult things to do because we tend to want the “right” answer and an easy road. It is the practice of staying present to Mystery. It is alright to take care of yourself with a job that feeds you and provides physical needs, while you practice your art…balance. If it is alright I will keep you in prayer.

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      1. In all my current reflections and recollections, as I have posted in other posts, I have realized that my life, with all the suffering and pain. The painful desire to know a truth that was always with me all along. All of it was simply preparing me for this time in my physical life.

        As for your comment on work, I have nothing against work, I was merely expressing that it doesn’t matter what happens. No matter where I am, I will still be able to do what matters most, to express the beauty of the truth within me. My point was doing what most people, including me, like to do when taking a path in life, try to control it by attempting to see all possible outcomes before entering the path.

        This is possible with most paths in life, but not the path of the heart. One cannot see, nor even try to perceive it’s possible outcomes. My thoughts of the possibility of becoming homeless, was merely an example of this.

        When I did think this in the early stages of coming to this path, I felt a smile within my heart. Then the thought, “I have no intention of this for you. You have legions of angels watching over you. You have nothing to fear.”

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