Twilight and Liminal Spaces


The Earth spins and a shadow is cast,
The leading edge of a dark wave.

At the threshold of this darkness I hold my breath,
Straining to hear the invisible line of sound that marks night’s descent,

The moment when bird song softly melds into a chorus of the spring frogs,
Sinking into silence as the Barred owl calls for its mate.

The absolute stillness of the witness…
to see, to know, to be awake, to fall in love with the world,

while others sleep…



First published 4/21/16  Creative Commons License



For more information about twilight, click the link below.

Image: By Dominic Alves (Flickr: Earth Daylight, Twilight and Night) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


13 thoughts on “Twilight and Liminal Spaces

    1. Thank you. I am not by any means a photographer (taken with an iPhone 5). It frustrates me sometimes…like reaching for something just beyond your grasp. I appreciate your photos. It is the message that matters. Have a wonderful day!


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