Why I Teach…

Why do I teach? Because I am in love with God’s new creation. With each generation that moves forward on the earth, hope is born. I live for the moments when my students wake up and look at me with new eyes, as the universe expands beyond their capacity to comprehend. I stand with the young at the threshold of possibilities, when they begin to realize their true purpose. They catch a brief glimpse of a Love so expansive it leaves them breathless and in awe. I teach for the moments when they see in each other a reflection of the cosmos and the Love that animates it.

I teach to awaken those who slumber, to comfort the grieving, to rejoice with those who dance, to bring hope to those who believe they live in a meaningless world. It is a continuous act of reflecting back to them, so that they see with clarity, the beauty of the gifts they were given by the Eternal One. Maybe my students will remember the unconditional love and respect, the feeling of being safe and cared for, being known and cherished for who they really are …and carry that out into the world. We are brought into existence together for the purpose of growing into the very Love that created our hearts and the stars. How powerful it is to stand with another and know that. It is a glimpse of heaven, not a place where you go, but a state of being that you awaken into…together.

“As soon as humans have woken to explicit consciousness of the evolution that carries them along, and begin as one to fix their eyes on the same thing ahead of them, are they not, by that very fact, beginning to love one another?”

– Quote from  Teilhard de Chardin “Activation Energy”

To teachers past and present who have dedicated their lives to the restoration of earth and the cultivation of the human.

Thank you to Steven Schwartzman for the inspiration (https://portraitsofwildflowers.wordpress.com/2016/08/12/more-loss/). 

Image: Hubble Ultra Deep Field

First published 8/25/15


11 thoughts on “Why I Teach…

  1. And, this in particular I like… “I also write to teach myself. There is so much left to learn…”.

    The Deep Field images do put our brief sparks of lives into perspective compared to the how long ago the Universe was created.

    Teach on, friend.


  2. I have to confess this~your posts knock me sideways and I want to spend more time with them. I am quite aware of hell right here in this life but it never occurred to me that heaven was also right here. Somehow that escaped me. For all the time I spend in nature, the feeling of being surrounded by Love that you describe just isn’t something I experience. But I want to. You are such a gifted teacher. I am blessed to have found you.

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    1. It was a hard road to this understanding (I have a long life story) and it is difficult to practice. I don’t speak of it, but what I say is based in the Gospel. There are enough people suffering, some of us have to hold the line for peace. I am not perfect and everything that I say, I try to put into practice. I like to think…”There is something greater here than Solomon”Matt 12:42. Thank you for reading my stuff!


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