16 thoughts on “In Absence

        1. I have always resisted structure and form…the rules. It’s the same reason I refuse to read music, and I play fiddle by ear. In attempting some form, I realized there’s pleasure in it, like fitting ideas into a comfortable pair of shoes…or allowing someone else to lead in a dance. Where can I find good and succinct information about mechanics of poetry?


            1. Thank you for the resource. I like Mary Oliver. Poetry is more than meter and rhyme. I look for vision, non-dual thinking, a level of conscious awareness. Sometimes the poem has it, sometimes the poet. Your work resonates. I have been asked to speak and present this year at several seminars around the U.S. and I would like to present some of your work because it resonates. “When we hear stars” … perfect for what I need to accomplish. I will send you an email with an explanation and to request your permission. Again, thank you.

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