Courage and Compression Waves

Nature sings of the beautiful,

Sound transformed,

Imbued with meaning,

Through the transmission of symbolic language.

Evolving the power to name:

Love, Mercy, Truth, Peace.

To speak, to reveal, to create.


One dusk,

Ominous clouds stumbling across the sky,

Wind shredding tender leaves from spring branches,

I heard men sing.


Their voices rose with the thunder,

Shaking my heart of grief.


Eyes closed,

Resonant rhythm of their words pouring over me.

How rare to be privy to this magnitude of passion from the human heart,

Articulating peace, as a courageous choice of hope over violence.

Creation sings of the beautiful,

Transfiguring compression waves

Into love.


Photo: Zooey

“Storm Clouds Gathering”

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