Open the Gate

   Letting someone else into your life can be exhilerating, but it can also bring challenges. Friends, co-workers, and roommates reflect to us parts of ourselves that we might be blind to or may not want to see. When you both open the door to your true selves, you become witnesses to life and to another person’s heart. In letting them through the gate of your heart,  you are enabling them to see something that otherwise would be missing from their lives forever. You bloom the garden of life together. To witness the beauty and struggle in another person with compassion is profound, and only humans can articulate those inner movements with language. By witnessing and making space for meeting, you make each other real. Engaging life that way is more precious than gold. So don’t be afraid, open the gate – dive in and be real.

15 thoughts on “Open the Gate

        1. Not easy though. Pay attention to how you feel not what the other person does. Anger, fear, and sadness speak to something we need. If you figure out how to ask for what you really need problems tend to diffuse, but it takes two to work at it consciously. It makes you vulnerable, but that’s love. I must say though… I am also willing to walk away if a situation is toxic.


          1. Yes. It will be a tough experience to start doing so. It will definitely have to be taken slowly. Meanwhile, there’ll also be a lot to learn about how our own emotions mirror what we really desire/need/hope for. If we can open up ourselves in a way that the other person connects, it will indeed lessen the problems. The toxic situation is really best to walk away from, before it harms us more than we can mend.

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  1. Our son, who is wise, told us both we needed to increase our RPT. (Real People Time) We were relatively new to the online world of blogging and social media. It can be time and attention consuming. Not always good.

    We have taken his advice. It makes our lives better.

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