Learning to Trust

There are times in our lives when we are standing at a crossroad. Even though life appears to be flowing along as usual, there is a deep undercurrent beginning to move beneath it. It is a call to something greater, a soft whisper that promises change that is gentle. Instead of the heat and turbulence of a raging fire, there is the warmth and steady glow of the hearth’s amber coals. What if we would voluntarily cast our oars from the currach into the depth of the sea and drift with the current letting it take us where we need to go?  What if we did not use our energy to be engaged in controlling, struggling, protecting, defending, proving?

 I used to think that learning to love was the most difficult thing that I could ever do. It seems that accepting the love of others is just as challenging because it requires standing still and surrendering control – trust. If we could be strong enough to stand with defenses down and really see each other…what a different world it would be.


6 thoughts on “Learning to Trust

      1. It is not easy to keep someone’s trust, but it is very important to do so.. I posted an article yesterday only on TRUST.. I believe that it makes us a better person, being trusted and to trust someone…

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