Triage for a Busy Life

At times life takes on a frantic pace. We stumble along accumulating more tasks to complete, obligations to attend to, expectations to fulfill. These pressures can come from others or they can be self-imposed. Our lives become filled with a dizzying busyness. I know what it feels like to have thoughts running through your mind at night… lists of all that is left to be accomplished. That panicked feeling that there is not enough time. Worries that you will fail, that you are inadequate, that you will not be valued if you falter.

You are infinitely precious simply because you are. You do not have to do or to be anything to earn worth, to earn love. It can be difficult to admit that underneath our feelings of inadequacy, we all have a deep longing to be loved and appreciated.

So…come with me, to a place where we can remember to breathe. Run with me as if we are little children, through the woods to the water’s edge. Gather all the worries from your heart. Clutch them tightly in your fists and we will go together and cast them into the waters, scatter them to the wind. Thoughts and fears will dissolve in the swirling eddies and we will be free to see each other as we truly are. Sit beside me in silence and allow yourself to rest. We will contemplate the beautiful, and remind each other that “we are not prisoners… there is a way out, that there is air, and light, and love” (Teilhard de Chardin, Awakening and Growth of the Spirit in the World).

I go among trees and sit still.
All my stirring becomes quiet around me
like circles on water.
Wendell Berry

Photo: Wadsworth Falls Middletown, CT

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