Chasing Change

​This is the vernal pool in Wadsworth Park. In the spring this area is covered with water and filled with tadpoles. In summer the pool is replaced by a meadow with cardinal flowers and butterflies. Things change…land, life, and you. Allow yourself to feel safe within the changes. Remember to communicate what you experiencing. It helps the people to understand that you are expanding yourself. It means you will be able to love them and yourself at a much deeper level. Do not be afraid of change…let go, trust, and good things come!

6 thoughts on “Chasing Change

  1. This vernal pool is remarkably well cared for! I wish I could visit it with you. Regarding change, I am reminded of an image I once saw, of a woman riding in an upturned umbrella down a stream. The caption read, “Let go and enjoy the journey!”

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    1. Yes, the vernal pool and the area around it receive good care. There are spotted salamanders that lay eggs there in the spring. I love that image of yhe umbrella. If you every in my area let me know. I will be out Chicago way this year. I will let you know when!


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