Risk and Courage

It takes great courage to live your life with integrity. To have integrity means to live out of a wholeness of being. It is a way of being in the world that has depth and honesty. It does not mean you will never be hurt, unhappy, or afraid. It is a committment to growth in love for the rest of your life, in spite of the risks. True humility is knowing your strengths and limitations, and walking forward carrying all that you are. That is a truly daring thing to do, risking to love the things that are difficult to love. 

It means that deep in your heart you know your true worth as a person because you are loved by something much greater than me. I am just a messenger. If this blog, my words give you hope and peace…remember how it feels. It is not mine to give. It belongs to you. It always has. You are loved. You are love.

“Daring greatly requires worthiness. Vulnerability and love are the truest marks of courage”.  – Brene’ Brown

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