Work and Love

Sometimes it is a challenge to find inspiration in the mundane everyday things, things that are required and not necessarily what we would choose to be doing. In my case, there are times when confronted with writing projects, courses to revise, curricula to write, presentations to organize, student work to read and grade, and all the other things that go along with being a single parent; it can feel overwhelming.

By writing to you today, I am helping myself to remember that work is a participation in the creation of our universe. We are toiling on the edge of the expanding universe, and our choices, no matter how insignificant, lead us all in a direction. Being so human and small, that is often difficult for me to appreciate.

Teilhard de Chardin would say that in doing our work with love, we are contributing to the divinization of the world. That means we are making the material world more reflective of the Divine (Love). He described our intertwined lives as “the divine milieu.” I like to think of it as swimming in the oceanic mess that includes our combined efforts to love all things.

So let us all proceed with our day and try to keep this in mind, whether you are working or playing. If you are reading this and you understand, then you have taken my hand. We balance on the dark, unknown, velvety edge of our expanding universe poised to jump…with billions of galaxies swirling at our backs. The pure potentiality of “space-time” is unfolding at our feet. Look at me smiling at you, take a deep breath, and jump with me into something new…we will paint our future with the colors of love. Have a good one everybody!

A thank you and  a shout out to Ray Sharp for his lovely poem that inspired me this week. You can read more of his poetry at his site The Bard of Liminga.

Tikkun Olam

Each of us, in his or her way,
is called to heal the world,
to gather up the light
scattered in dark corners,

like bees gathering nectar
from flowers made of sunlight
and bringing it back to their hives
where they turn it into golden honey.


The Divine Milieu by Teilhard de Chardin

“The future is more beautiful than all the pasts”. – Teilhard de Chardin (Making of Mind)

To Work and to Love: A Theology of Creation  by Dorothee Soelle