What do you truly desire?

Cool air drifts beneath rolling gray clouds.

Starlings tumble from the trees along with the faded auburn leaves.

A woman with chestnut hair walks beside the pond that has become a meadow beginning to show its age,

Golden rod fading, Asters crying their petals onto the forest floor, milkweed showing its silken stockings.  

She recalls that in the spring an author had asked her, “What do you like better, the tadpoles or the frogs?” Without hesitating she looked up and said, “Both, I love the whole story.”

An artist asked her, “Why do you appreciate the ordinary things so?” She said, “Because it’s the ordinary things that color a life.”

A gray tree frog looks up from its bark perch and inquires of her, “Why do you love me?”

She kneels beside him and whispers softly, “…because you are wild.” So he gazes at her and trills , “What is it that you truly desire?”

She thinks for a long moment and speaks aloud beneath the trees, “I long to be appreciated for the ordinary things that I do, to be loved for my whole story, to be desired because I am wild.”

 They say that if you love something, you have to let it go.

She stands, removes her shoes, turns, and steps gently into the forest, never to return.


Photo: Eastern Gray Tree frog found at Wadsworth Park Middletown, CT

6 thoughts on “What do you truly desire?

  1. Maria – this is beautiful – describing how we want to be recognised for who we are, that who I am is enough and is everything – that connection with the wild world helps us connect with ourselves – at least – that’s what I think and that’s what this piece does for me 🙂

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    1. I had been thinking about myself and it came out in this piece of writing. We witness to each other’s lives. I was thinking that we often only love bits and pieces of our story, but what if we could love the whole long tale? What if we did that for others? Not easy, but it would make the world a better place. Thank you again Claire.

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