Rescued by a Frog

A while back I posted a story called Rescued by a Frog. It is about the time I found an Eastern Gray Tree Frog in the faculty room where I teach. You can read it again here. I finally found the picture that I took of the little guy. He had string wrapped around his hind leg and he was looking for a way out.

It’s interesting…the things that tie us down and box us in. Sometimes we all need a little help navigating the way out. Poetry is a way in and out. I pulls the past into the present into the future, tying the inner to the outer worlds… a unified weave. It is the spaces in between the threads, between the the words…where you stand in awe. There you are free.

“A commitment to full experience is an infusion of elixir that works against whatever diminishes the soul, even despair. Oxygen is available; so long as the poet is speaking, it can be breathed.”

– Jane Hirshfield


Hirshfield. J. (2015). Ten windows: how good poems transform the world. New York: Alfred A. Knopf

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    1. Thanks Scott. As someone who has learned to think analytically, it can be difficult to fall into the open space of a poem. It’s good for me to try! Keep up that great blog. I am going to post some astrophotography from my students soon. Have a great day!

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