Fish Crows

The fish crows mew, squawk, and quack in their muted, nasal voices.

They utter their stories as they fly along the river.

Vaulting through the trees, they follow me,

Their dark staccato notes

Wrap my heart

Wrenching it




They fly

In pairs in daylight,

And roost in the trees at night,

Undulating masses of feather and bone.

I wonder what they see from their perches that sway,

Their  warm hearts beating in the darkness. Do they feel the weight of mine?
© M. G. Iannucci 2016
Photo: E.J. Peiker

2 thoughts on “Fish Crows

  1. Crows are clever and very social. When I grew up, we had a windbreak of pine trees on our farm. Every evening in winter hundreds would come roost in them. My older brothers caught a young one and raised it. It would ride on tractors and the hood of the school bus after we got on. One day it disappeared.

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