Dragonfly Time

You see me with your brilliant eyes

In 60,000 different ways,

The advantage of a dragonfly

Passing by on summer days.


I marvel at your sense of time,

You notice things I’d never see.

A clock that runs ahead of mine

Quicker than I could ever be.


Your wings, they had a six foot span

Three hundred million years ago.

Taller than Homo sapien man

60 mph,  how you can go!



I wonder if I could hitch a ride?

A summer day, what a lovely treat.

To swoop, and flip, and whirl, and dive,

As long as I’m not good to eat!

Dragonflies experience time much differently than we do because of their nervous systems. Touching one is like crossing a threshold in space-time.
© M. G. Iannucci 2016
Photo: Another incredible photo by Jerry Vis. I promised a happy poem. I think this one counts as silly too!  I think we all need a little lightheartedness today. Have a good one!




4 thoughts on “Dragonfly Time

    1. Your photo was so inspiring. I was trained as a neurophysiologist. I worked with Marine invertebrates, sea slugs in the Pacific northwest. It gave me an inner view of the way different organisms perceive their world. I am a real biology geek deep inside! I am glad this made you happy.

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