Abstract Refraction

Can I learn to swim,

Through light beams

And  scintillating particles

And cause no ripple of my own?


The sun’s rays struggle through stained glass,

And bees can see much more than I do,

A kaleidoscope of ultra violet geometric illuminations,

Where I see only white.


The manacles

That have adorned my wrists

Have fallen away,

And their rattling has been silenced.


If I could honor a space

Between the black and white lines

Where that silence might reside,

Then I would have created a poem,

A vessel resonating with the breath of love.

 © M. G. Iannucci 2016

Photo: Underwater light


9 thoughts on “Abstract Refraction

      1. Hi Maria – if writing is a struggle – then its well worth it!!
        You give enough detail to start forming images and ideas, but enough – as you say “space” – for mystery and wonderings. Perhaps its the science training that helps to ground your work in those details. As Elaine said – you have written a poem – and its a lovely thing 🙂
        I’m still wondering about the manacles…

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