Heaven and Words

The power of words to transcend space and time,

As Love, that comes from the deep well of Being,

Where all things return, and all are reborn.


We travel together in life; we go together in death.

Heaven is not a place you go to when you pass.

It is a state of being that you live into beginning in life.


When  our bodies return to earth,

We will carry with us everything we have ever loved, and all who have loved us,

People, crows, dogs, trees…love in every capacity.


There will be no labels or ideologies to keep us apart.

I will live in your heart as you live in mine; Our relationships in Love make us real, eternal.

Whether our arms stretch across the boundaries of this life or the next,

Nothing is ever lost.


And I will not let go of your hand…


© M. G. Iannucci 2016

 from Joseph Ratzinger’s book on Eschatology, written to console his theology students as they were confronted with life, death, and the question of life after death. You can also check out Elizabeth Johnson’s Ask the Beasts, and Karl Rahner’s On the Theology of Death.

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14 thoughts on “Heaven and Words

  1. It is naturally a very attractive thought that we would be able to return and return all over again each time we die. Though most likely you are not able to tell about your previous life and previous experiences, though you may dream of them.

    As human beings it is true we can and should have to make our heaven here on earth. According to the Holy Scriptures, the infallible Word of the divine Creator that is also the place where man shall have to make it and shall be able to find an unending peace. But for those who die before the return of Jesus, their death shall just be the end of their life. By death all is finished, nothing of us continues, except perhaps the remembrance of us by others. But those who die cannot do anything are nothing any more, but dust.


    1. Yes, hundreds of pages of natural philosophy and theology. He was trying to bring theology into a current understanding. My humble prose/poem is only the tip of a huge theological iceberg that is still being wrangled with. It is interesting though.

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