Polished Nails

I only paint my toe nails

The color of blushing cheeks.

Usually not my fingernails

Which everybody sees.


Except I suppose for spies,

With their satellites spinning ‘round.

I heard they can see the sidewalk curb

And each leaf that’s on the ground.


Do you think they would be curious,

If I stepped out on the line

And wiggled my toes with burgundy red?

I am sure that’s not a crime.


Either way the season’s changed

From sandals I switched to boots.

The only way they’d see them now,

X-ray vision through my roof!

© M. G. Iannucci 2016
Photo: NASA GPS Satellite

I thought something humorous might be in order, although they really can see your toes and mine really are rose.

Click here for an interesting article on what they can see from space.


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