23 thoughts on “Crows Dance

  1. This past summer a family of crows, the young an unruly collection of teenagers, goofed around in my front yard for an afternoon. They hopped onto the crab tree whose branches were barely strong enough to hold them, and balance on the picket fence of the neighbor. Mischief with feathers on! 🙂 Your poem captures what it feels like to watch them, yearning to join in the fun, so perfectly.


  2. It’s difficult to find time to read all that I want to read and still have time to devote to my writing. I read voraciously, but have never developed a love for reading blogs.
    Every so often I come across poetry such as yours that makes.me feel that of all the reading I should have been doing, this is the type of writing I have missed.
    Wonderful poetry!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for following. I was disparaging my own writing this evening. It is such a struggle to perfect the craft and at the same time to continue to feel the world in new ways. You have brought consolation and inspiration. I enjoy the tenor of your work as well. I am following you on Twitter. You can always reach me there. Nice to meet you.

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      1. I struggle daily with those same issues, and am grateful for readers like you who take the time to consider my poetry. When I find out that a reader is an excellent Poetess such as yourself, I think, hmmmmmm, maybe I have something here.
        Your poems are of excellent quality. I hope you are submitting them to literary magazines etc for publication.
        I see you on Twitter. Thanks for following me too.

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            1. Nice to meet you too, Maria. Thank you for saying that about the book. Self publishing it was educational and fun. Making the preview videos was as well.

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