Another River Poem 

She floods her banks,

Tumbling energetically over levees,

Clumsy tributaries rambling off course,

Knocking over make-shift saw horses

Holding signs that indicate washed out roads.


There are no boulders to punctuate the path,

Which swirls with turbulence and muddied meaning,

Stumbling into dank basements,

Gurgling into unexplored attics.

The ripples blather

Incessantly about damage,

With no film footage to follow.


Flood zones are unmeasured in meters,

With no breaks in the lines

That could lead to the one bridge,

Evacuation route from the sand bar island.

That one beautiful phrase…

Floating in the debris,

Ringing as true as the bell on a channel marker.


Would you hold tight to that beauty?

Would you?

Could I?

Love me?

…at times as imperfect as a poorly written poem.
© M. G. Iannucci 2016

Photo: Good Free Photos

Correct me if I am imperfect in my assessment that this poem might be an example of a triple metaphor.

5 thoughts on “Another River Poem 

  1. The photo shows a calm river, quite the opposite of the tumbling waters of the poem. What inspired you? there have been floods here in Piemonte and Liguria the last few days. You end up with an unexpected metaphor for relationships, and it works well. Not sure what the third was…?

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    1. The third was the description of a poorly written poem…a theme that wanders off course, not using punctuation correctly, ignoring the nuance of language, the lines are broken without flow etc. The peaceful picture is a flood, There is beauty in everything, even the imperfections and disasters. I learned it the hard way. The challenge is to find it. I have lived and worked by rivers my whole life. I love their moods. Thank you so much for asking! I hope you are alright with your flooding there.

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