Roses in the Sea

I stood, a silent witness

As with each pulse of the sea,

A dozen long-stem roses

Dug their graves in the sand.


There is a threshold that is reached

With balance beams and drift lines –

Where you must decide to leap off

Or get back on the road.


The choices are three:

The swift snapping of the stem,

The slow drain of color

From the brined petals,


Or you choose to gather each rose

Pressing it to the breast; dull ache,

Thorns puncturing the fragile

Cellophane that wraps the heart,

And you walk on.


I have known the pain

That comes with the sound

Of surf ceasing

As a vessel sails out to sea.

Fly …fly with me.

 © M. G. Iannucci 2016

Photo: Roses on the Beach by Andrea Westmoreland

23 thoughts on “Roses in the Sea

  1. For myself, I focus on my evolution. How am I influencing in this moment? How do I manage the observations? Meaning, those “external” influences causing the determinative emotions which shape my thoughts and actions. That’s all I can work at controlling. I can’t work a controlling others. The last election was a classic laboratory study of how egos dominate the energetic influences that impact all of us. “Both” (or all) sides were and are off the scale. However, at a macrocosmic level, we are seeing the results of all our influences. The cause and effect outcomes we’re observing were set in motion decades ago. We never could grasp the nature collective structure to which we belong.

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  2. Yes, it certainly is a clever arrangement. When I truly started to see the interconnections, it was actually devastating…to realize that no matter how much you try to “do no harm”, there is always going to be something that you effect negatively, the reason for compassion and forgiveness. The hardest part is owning up to that. As I grow in awareness, the more stark that reality is…forgiveness and walking on, I suppose.

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  3. Beautiful writing, Maria.

    Sometimes I seem more of an observer of my life than the person living it. It has been fascinating. We have similar experiences in that I raised my son by myself from the age of four. The idea of a relationship was always something at a distance. I did marry after my son had grown, but that marriage was severely tested during my second battle with cancer and eventually failed. For the last five years, my 10-year-old daughter has been with me half-time (for now). All said, I would never have traded the experiences with my children for a relationship. The roses have simply been a potential in waiting.

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    1. So beautifully said. Yes, you saw my meaning in the poem. I found them on the beach when I was wishing for flowers. Someone had probably thrown them away. I took them home, cleaned them up, and they were beautiful. I too would not trade my love for my children for anything. I have other poems that deal with this topic. You have given me courage to post them. It is the story of so, so many lives.

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            1. Oh…(at a loss for words)…Thank you, Maria. ❤

              A significant challenge for people is the idea we all influence the perpetual flow of outcomes that constitute "life". If we accept that premise we also have to accept the responsibility for the outcomes. Which brings us back to the moment. It's a very clever arrangement.

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    1. There are so many people who pass from this life with no one to mourn. There are divorces and losses. Sometimes I just cry for them all, and try to remember what it means to be alive. I really did find those roses on the beach. Thank you so much for always coming to my blog with such a sensitive and caring heart.


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