Twenty-five pigeons were teetering

On a swinging jump rope,

Tails asynchronously bobbing.

Strange, these marbled pebbles,

Trained to fly in circles over the intersection,

Where I wait at red lights.


A cigarette is thrown out the window,

Orange sparks extinguished by a tire.

The sun sinks into the deep end.

Thoughts about us and the things that crush,

And the birds flew in the shape of infinity.

I wondered what it might be like…

© M. G. Iannucci 2016



Photo: Pigeons on a Wire by Lindsay Shaver


10 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. This reminds me of watching half a million bats pour out of their mountain cave into the dusky sky over the valley for their nighttime breakfast. Directly beneath this scene, they appeared to be forming a double helix, the sign of life. But in your poem, there was a sense of despair, the tire crushing the cigarette and the birds flying the sign of infinity.

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    1. How wonderful what you saw! Yes, I have been listening to many people with serious problems in their lives, some so young. I was actually at a stoplight watching birds fly thinking of a young girl I know who has a brain tumor. I try to hold this in my heart. Sometimes it is hard to give it up to the Eternal One, Love.


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