Question for all my followers, I would like your opinion…

I have been considering the idea of starting another blog to feature some more serious poetry, prose, and essays. Since I do not consider this work to be in service of myself alone, I thought I would ask you. Would you like it if more serious work was on another blog or would it be better to revise this blog so that it can house two types of work?…light roast and dark roast. Post a comment if you like, especially if you have experience blogging. I am relatively new and feeling the need for a change. Thank you!

41 thoughts on “Question for all my followers, I would like your opinion…

  1. Either way your writing will find the audience it attracts by not only subject matter but the writing itself. I have found that the other bloggers support one another even if they are as scattered as mine in its focus, or lack thereof.
    I am starting a new blog too, but to host next year’s Poets for Peace collaboration, mostly, and with the help of the two bloggers who administered this year’s collaboration.
    So, all that to say, listen to your inner voice and let me know where to find your new blog if you opt for that.

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    1. Thank you for the advice. I do feel scattered but that may also be because I am so eclectic… Renaissance woman so to speak. I will let you know if I start a new one. I was asked by Poets for Peace to write a few months ago, but I did not feel my poetry to be good enough. I would love to support it in the future. I do a lot of work around peace and non-violence in my “real non-virtual life”. Let me know. Thank you again and good luck with the new blog.

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      1. I would have loved to have your writing included, so I will hold you to that for 2017. Your poetry is excellent, you just need some proof of that other than my word.
        Submitting is helping me. Getting e-zines to accept my poems gave me the confidence to submit to paying venues. Hopefully some of them will begin to accept it too.
        Yes, eclectic is what I consider my writing too. I write what comes to me and sometimes it’s all over the place.
        Please visit: I will post for the 1st time on New Year’s day.

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          1. quote attributed to Charles Bukowski and copied all over without any details: “the problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence”. 

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      1. Thanks. It was a nice gesture to ask the readers whether you should start a new blog. I am delighted that you came to a decision and happy that I was of some help. Thanks for keeping me in the loop and informing me about your decision. Happy blogging!

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        1. We are all in this life together. One way to remain humble is to be present to the world as truthfully as you can. So I ask for advice and help. It’s funny, I do not like the term “followers”. We are simply companioning each other on a great journey. I truly appreciated your opinion.

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  2. “Serious” can a subjective thing. Many people write books and post online on what they think is deep… but that, to someone with genuine (not distorted) perception, is seen for what it really is. So many people never (at all) underwent enlightenment in their lives, yet they write and write as if they are on to something.

    If you are going to start posting long essays and such, personally i would prefer if you kept them on another blog. I have liked your short, simple format! 🙂

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