Rocking Chair Blues

My youngest son who is a guitarist sent me a link to this song and taped this saying over my bed. I think someone is trying to send me a hint. 

I am weary and in need of silence, solace, and contemplation. So I am taking a bit of a break from posting poetry on a daily  basis. In order to write poetry well, I must live life true, and that requires time for integration. 

There are two temptations that occur with writing. One is the tendency to hide your light under a bushel out of fear of imperfections surfacing, and the other is pride. I need to make sure that I stand the higher ground on both. Blessings…

May goodness fall upon you like the dew.

Photo: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I lived on the coast of New Hampshire for a number of years. The photo is a picture of the rocky coastline that I loved. 


16 thoughts on “Rocking Chair Blues

  1. So true, about worry! Sometimes I have trouble getting up out of the rocking chair. Recently it was a new friend, an artist who came to my studio to paint along side me. Her energy was just what I needed and we both had a productive afternoon.
    I’ve never been to New Hampshire, and have often wondered what it was like. The photo is gorgeous!

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