26 thoughts on “In the Shadow of the Moon

          1. I remember when I was still a die-hard film shooter. I just couldn’t see how digital would ever compare in quality. Then the developing houses started to disappear. I only used Kodachrome films, so that was a problem. I relented and bought a high-end Canon. But, you’re exactly right. The learning curve for digital post-production was a challenge for awhile. Even now, there is always something to learn.

            On another note, I would really enjoy seeing more of your “serious” writing. You are incredibly talented and there is a subtle (and not so subtle) intensity in your words. Maybe for awhile you could just create an additional page in your current blog and get a feel for how you want to move forward.


            1. Yes, I know artists who work on their photography digitally. It is incredible to see them transform the image into what they see in their minds. Extremely difficult to do well. I am still learning to craft poems. There is a skill in using words to transmit emotion…anger, sadness, joy. I don’t reach that in every poem. I had not thought of a separate page though.

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            2. Your poems evoke sensations in people. Sometimes we don’t realize how different people will be impacted by the same poem. Or how different emotions can be touched. I had never thought about that until I was receiving comments. As I said, your work is captivating…..truly.

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