The Fourth Wall

Translucent shepherd’s crook,

Yields humbly to the rain.

Where it’s cylindrical stalk

Digs the humus,

A beetle sifts the detritus,

With a nimble scratching

Of a barbed foot.


Silver strands beneath the loam

Stretch slender, tender fingers

Curved on the ivory keys.

They toss aside grains of sand,

Like crystalline whole notes,

In search of a harmonious route.


This delicate dance

Plays out beneath the branch

Where my warbler’s heart spills its song,

On this cerulean sphere in equipoise.


And earth lives so like me,

With a  vulnerability,

Only hesitantly,

Looking at the fourth wall.


© M. G. Iannucci 2016


Photo: Pink Indian Pipes
Protect the natural world and all its fragile beauty. We are part of her and nature reveals our own hearts.

The fourth wall is a term used with acting, where the actors do not look directly at the camera (the fourth wall).



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