Solstice Moonrise – Go out and look at the sky with me!

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year for us in the Northeast of the United States. There are many religious holidays celebrated at this time of year, but the solstice is something we all share.

 We are humans that live on a planet that revolves around a star. We are alive, precious, and so closely related to each other. For one night let us be kindred spirits. So wherever you are and no matter the time of day it is, go look up at the sky for me! Think peace and tell me what you see! I would love to see the globe of beautiful bloggers light up my comments…tell me what you see! Peace to you all…

Photo: NASA Moonrise from the International Space Station

25 thoughts on “Solstice Moonrise – Go out and look at the sky with me!

  1. I wanted to see the stars tonight because they have been like brothers and sisters to me at contemplative times in life. But we are expecting snow and the clouds were too thick above, so I sat down in the dark for some moments and saw them as in one of my favorite poems, ‘Self-dependence’ by Matthew Arnold. Here is a link if you want to read it. Peace to you, Maria, and I hope you got to bask in your beloved solstice moon-shine!

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        1. I have some poems that I am going to post in the next few days that were written some weeks/months ago. I can be self-conscious about the poetry. I am taking the leap…but right now I am in a lull too. It may be a time for integration and a new path to come! Be inspired.

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  2. As I Flow

    So much of me
    is made up of you.
    It is no wonder
    I long so for the sea
    Or that I am subject,
    as the mighty tides,
    to the push and pull
    of the moon.
    Is there any surprise
    that I have vast depths,
    and mysteries
    yet to be fathomed?
    I can transport you
    to far away places,
    hold you up as
    you sail on
    into gorgeous sunsets
    with me your wake.
    I can be both
    sweet and clear
    dangerous and dark
    life preserving and
    As I flow
    and always
    to you.
    As tide,
    as time.

    M. Zane McClellan

    Copyright 2014
    All rights reserved

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