December 24th (poem)

This was written about my first Christmas alone after divorce.

I dedicate this to single Moms and Dads, widows and widowers, those who have lost loved ones, the homeless, and all those in war torn countries who yearn for peace and healing. Solidarity and hope is what we must give to each other. I will hold you all in my heart. Alone…All One…turn it.

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    1. I read through some of your posts…captivating. To be able to love what is, in the moment while at the same time being consciously aware of the things that enslave. I have spent my life creating a free space for children to grow in. It is nice to hear someone else say it…resonates…and the photography too. Thank you.

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      1. Thank you, Maria.

        The love in the moment is a product of the enslaving or opposite conditions. I am both a Marine Corps and law enforcement veteran. In the span of that 22 years I have observed the immense level of brutality that Human Beings perpetrate upon each other and Nature. The incidents involving children are especially difficult.

        An individual who is evolving spiritually cultivates a capacity to “feel” both the despair and fear of the victims, but also the anger, hate, and confusion of the offender.

        The sensations can be very intense and the desire to end these conditions is so profound that the force of love becomes revealed within the observer.

        This does not make the work any easier; far from it. It gives us a conclusive picture of much inner discipline will be required moving forward.

        I am certainly not the only one who has experienced extreme interactions between people. What is important is how a person chooses to engage those experiences.

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        1. I absolutely understand all that you have said. I had a feeling you were a veteran. I have worked with kids my whole life, seen many things…such hurt in the world. I try so hard to hold a space of peace with my own life, yet it can be difficult at times. To have compassion for the people on both sides of the conflict puts you in this place of immense tension…that’s what piece work is about, not always feeling happy.

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  1. Not that it will help much, but rather than put up a cut tree, have you thought about a live tree of any type, just to brighten the inside of your home, then plant it outdoors in the spring? It can be a new Christmas tradition, one that lives on, and soon you’ll have a grove of trees outside, one from each Christmas.

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