Harbor Park

​The Cimmerian waters churn,

While herring gulls chide me for wandering

Close to the river’s scabrous edge,

Her bare knees exposed after a season of drought,
And sirens remind me that the city lurks over my shoulder,

With its masses clustered in coffee shops,

On street corners, backs against the wind,

While I face the gusts that wring tears. 
We walked here once with fingers interlocked,

 A conciliatory gesture for a departing love,

A foam wake dissipating in the Doppler drone

Of a lone vessel striding upstream.


You can change the feel of the past by taking a different view of the future. We have more of a choice than we realize. Live deeply and well in the present moment.


© M. G. Iannucci 2016


Photo: Aerial view of the Connecticut River

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