cambered ground, 

canted axis,

surly spin,

brings storms.

whorls of wind

that twist the sky,

as the world 

offers my heart

static dissonance.


while you lean in,

with a delicacy

like the dander dusting

of snowfall,

gently brushing limbs.

a whisper of truth, 

pure as the summer zephr

sighing through the pines.


and i meet you

with a presence

as honest

as the first breath i take

in sleep.


when your hand

is in mine,

it is mine,

palm and balm.


latitude and longing 

belong to the illusion…

of enantiomers.


© M.G. Iannucci

21 thoughts on “Synergy

  1. You remember the Light at the End of the week and the plenty of the Time called the run of the mill and the rye of the wye and the rawl of the womb and the rue of the roe? It is about time you sent your post off to the rentboy called the Verity LA Group for some exposure now they are accepting blogger work to be published now in their convenient copywriter haven called LA, or The Verity LA publication. Bye!

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