Chromatophore Hearts

if we spent the day in silence,

love freeing us from words,

i might be barefoot in the garden

with the spiders and butterflies.


my skirt hiked up past my knees

and tucked into the waistband,

filled with tomatoes

that look like yellow pears.


and we would feel the colors…colors of hearts,

dog hearts, bird hearts, and squirrel hearts,

flowers that wear theirs on their skin,

and ours.


like ghost crabs or cuttlefish,

chromatophore mood rings.

we would notice

the way the sky has its colors too,

and stars.


i would scribble a verse

and hand it to you.

you would trace your words in the air,

to be blown away with the clouds


…scintillating and silent.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

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