The Stature of Love

I want to be a serious poet

But I am short

Quite short

And I refuse to wear heels

But in flats I look cute

Adorable even

Which makes it worse…


Maybe if I wear black?

But that’s not my color

Because I am an autumn

Or something

Orange like a pumpkin?

Not happening…


Make up?

Well the new look

For women “my age” is bare

So I should spend lots of money

To paint on powdery layers

Just to look like I already do?

I don’t think so…


My son drew a line

On the wall the other day

And said,

“You have to be this tall

In order to be considered a legit poet”,

Reminiscent of the days waiting

For bumper cars

And roller coasters.



Well, I was measured

And found wanting

By one eighth of an inch

Or two.

So I guess I will be

A short, cute poet

Who wears black when she shouldn’t

And prefers to be barefooted

And barefaced…


Maybe it is more about the words

That froth from my heart

The color of passion

And the texture of fire

With a taste for love

Maybe it’s about

Being real…


.© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Love Grows Here click to visit their site

27 thoughts on “The Stature of Love

    1. Oh my Jim…you are so funny! You’d get along great with my son. Actually, I love Spoken Word and Poetry Out Loud. You have to stand in public, so the microphone must be adjusted for me anyway, making that obnoxious scratchy sound. One good thing about podiums, they make it easier to hide!😊

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    1. Oh, my three boys are always offering descriptions of “me”. My favorite is when they tell me I am using “woman logic”, which makes no sense to them. I just remind that for centuries it’s been “man logic” that has caused most of our world’s problems. They crack me up!😊Thank you Elaine.

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  1. Poetry is from the heart, not the height! Who cares how tall or short you are, or if you prefer to wear no makeup or no shoes; these are all things that change with the wind. Poetry remains forever, and your words will certainly still have impact forever 💛

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  2. You might be short in stature, but I believe your poetry is going to reach some high places!
    This is great, funny and heart warming.
    Thanks for letting us, the readers, in your life; in turn being a part of your happiness, through this poem.
    Cheers! 🙂

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  3. 4’11” and bigger than the moon. Tiny pebble make big ripples. Bare feet to feel the earth better. Be real, authentic self. Brave, vulnerable, the man in the arena. Thank you for these words

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