Strength and Resilience

​”When you look at a tree during a storm, you see that its branches and leaves are swaying back and forth violently in the strong wind. You have the impression that the tree will not be able to withstand the storm. You are like that when you’re gripped by a strong emotion. Like the tree, you feel vulnerable. You can break at any time. But if you direct your attention down to the trunk of the tree, you see things differently. You see that the tree is solid and deeply rooted in the ground. If you focus your attention on the trunk of the tree, you realize that because the tree is firmly rooted in the soil, it cannot be blown away” (Thich Nhat Nanh).

Fear: Essential Wisdom For Getting Through The Storm

8 thoughts on “Strength and Resilience

  1. Something I wrote –
    ” The truth is all of us are hurt by the people we love. We experience a storm, in its highest intensity, and we choose to believe that we can overcome it with love. But we can’t. Something beyond love, is what I needed. A leaf of green hope tends to flutter to the ground, slowly, cause the law of gravity is universal. Sometimes, the grass is not green on either side of the garden. During these times, one has to start over and make sure that the grass they grow is greener.”

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