Beautiful Blurry Moon

You sent me a picture of the moon over water

Or I thought it was over water, but it was just blurry

And I wear glasses

Or I should wear them, but I don’t

Unless I absolutely have to, like when driving

Or reading the fine print on medications

Both of which can be hazardous to the health

Or something of the sort.

I am nearsighted or farsighted

Or a combination of both at any given time

Which leaves me in a delightfully prismatic

Or a peacefully nebulous place

Where the world seems less harsh somehow

Or more imaginatively artistic

Like Georges-Pierre Seurat’s

Or Paul Signac’s pointillism


The moon appears far away

Or as close as my pointer finger

Since my depth perception is also not so great

Or it is because there is nothing to compare it to

Which is the reason pigeons move their heads back and forth

Or I tip mine and squint

Resulting in the permanent little furrow between my brows

Or it is from my insatiable inquisitiveness

The moon is distant in miles, as are you

Or at least I think you are

Since you inhabit this odd unbounded space

Or maybe it is just a trick of quantum entanglement

That my heart is closer to you than my toes are

Or that the moon is blurry

As a result of the focus adjustment on your cell phone

Or at least it seems that way due to the simple fact that

I should be wearing my glasses      -OO-

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

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