The Touch of Earth

I want to touch your face

With eyes sealed

Standing before the sea

Knowing it by the fragrance

Of tide pool silt

Sea grasses and minnows

With fingertips and palms

The texture of sand,

Crystalline droplets,

Solidified tears

From stars and heat,

And lightning fusing grains into glass

Smooth, cool in the evening dew,

Salt on my lips

Tracing the story of a life

Brown as earth,

Hard as clay sifted into my pores

Life exhaled into the atmosphere

And warmth, warmth

Mingling with mine,

And breath.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Cyprus Beach

Life originates from sand and soil in a universe with the potential to create it through the laws of physics. Love is eternal. Love creates in freedom. Love sustains all things. The Creator creates from nothing by bringing meaning into the meaningless places; opening up possibility where there is despair and breathing truth, beauty, and goodness into the matter that is the human body. Appreciate yourself as a true work of art.

23 thoughts on “The Touch of Earth

  1. One of my favorites of yours (haha, I seem to say that every couple months. You’re so good!) because I not only want to know God mentally, but viscerally as well. These textures you paint with your words, “tide pool silt”, “salt on lips”, etc., helps your reader do just that. Thank you, Maria!

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    1. Some were written a month or so ago. Many are new. I do write every day and revise. We are always changing and growing. Poetry reveals that. Poems don’t need to be perfect…just real…body, mind, spirit. Thank you for your comment.😊


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