Fool’s Gold

in radiant streams

you hover,

wielding keen vision,

as a blind world

plucks at me

with a greed

for fool’s gold.


yet for you

i will reflect

a cryptic brilliance,


my true nature.


i am garbed in royal robes,

woven wisdom,

possibilities unfurling

in anticipation 

of the feracity

of love’s freedom,

found in a breath,

a single down stroke

of your wing.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo by Rob Taylor Yellow Flowers

More of Rob Taylor’s work can be found on his blog  Irreducible Primary  at

Rob Taylor photography can be found at this web address.

Bees are capable of seeing UV light. So a buttercup flower (Ranunculus repens) that appears to the human eye to be yellow, looks purple to the bee (Bee purple). Humans are only capable of seeing the visible light spectrum with our naked eyes. It is only with the invention of telescopes and other devices that we are able to see a wider range of the spectrum. The word amaranthine pertains to a flower, the color purple, or to a quality of being immortal or undying. Poetry opens a space for a wide depth of meaning depending on what you yourself bring to the poem.

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