A Whiteheadian-Bohmien Love Poem


 and i,


two worlds,

poetic, mundane

sacred and profane

implicate, explicate

moving and static

inhale, exhale

solid, light

 high wire


am i

an event?

an actuality?

wave or particle,

passing or stationary

continually being reborn

from the zero point field?

ontological paradox,

what is real?

Or true?

i inhabit this life

 harvesting metaphors

 i offer up to love,

 which resides

 in the space

 between our fingertips.

entanglement as in the throes

i will emerge from the affective

rising between atoms in your body,

culminating in your thoughts.

and you rise inside me ,

 as Love would,



 and descending,

the inner and outer.

i will be in your heart,

in each breath,

as you are in




© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Mandelbrot Set 


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