the elevator plunges,

yet i have not pressed the button.

dragged under by the ankles

as the subway departs the station,

vibrating roar on the platform, rising.


undulating caterpillars

commence their march

beneath my skin –

feet to legs,

gut to neck,



pins and needles.


earthworms till belly soil,

where butterflies swim.

and minnows flounder

dropping pebbles

on my trampoline heart.

fitful flies swarm,

spinning stories of the fearful.

as the stage lights go down

behind my eyes.

i have forgotten how –

to breathe.


steel floors of a submarine,

are designed

not to crack

as the walls move in.


i fear

that my porous hands

will be unable

to hold back

the waves.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Drilling Metal

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