In My Other Life…

I am one of the mentors for an all girl robotics team. The students build, market, and compete on a robotics team. The Mercy Tech Tigers robotics team won their first competition and are currently competing at the regionals at the University of New Hampshire with FIRST robotics. The robot shoots balls, delivers gears, and climbs a 6-7 foot length of rope. It is the human component of cooperation, sharing gifts, and friendship that makes everything work. The robot is simply the product of the best of human collaboration. 

19 thoughts on “In My Other Life…

  1. Good for you for winning! That must have been so exciting! Did you go to worlds? My team was also at the New Hampshire regionals, we won Chairmans. I’m a student on Team Max 1071.


    1. Congratulations on winning the Chairman’s award! We did make it to Worlds but the expense to go would have been too much this time around. You guys are from Wolcott, CT, right? I remember blue with a top hat? Nice job!

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