Gracious Professionalism

One of the key components of FIRST robotics is the collaborative effort between teams and not just among teammates. Three teams who are put together in an alliance must find a way to maximize their strengths in a coordinated effort to gain enough points. There are no winners and losers, simply a range of collaborative efforts. It is the human component more than the technology that is miraculous. Robots are used for space walks, performing surgery, disarming bombs, and search and rescue. They can become weapons or tools toward a more humane and healthy future. The humans have “soul”. The humans persons are responsible for the outcome. Here’s to another amazing day!

Enjoy the video of Tech Tigers Robotics and their Alliance.

I do not promote on my blog, but the team raises their own money for the endeavor. If you would like to donate to Tech Tigers to help girls participate who would not normally be able to, you can contact our Development Office at Mercy High School in Middletown, CT. The link to our website is here: Mercy High School Middletown, CT

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