17 thoughts on “Quickening Sands

  1. If I were able to empty my heart before these people that I have stood with- if I could only pour out my deepest emotion for them to see and to feel- where my words escape the reality of myself! Then they would know the true me. Oh I can tell them – feed them, clothe them and just listen to all…. But for me It goes deeper- beyond any thing I could create. I worked with a scientist in a nation once- she was so so clever-at explaining things. And yet the very simple measure of love she never knew. Trust is so needed today- To engage the mind with love is always a great measure of loyalty….. To listen is love,

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  2. M- SENT BY ERROR—– My thoughts are drawn from the reality of life. From nations where people suffer- and would argue that love does not exist……

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  3. Quicksand………Your point is well taken! It has struck a cord within my heart….Who being loved, is poor? I remember standing in the ghetto’s of a certain nation- I walked around the area- as the sun was setting- I watched as the children played in the dirt- over shadowed by those who loved them. Laughing and abandoned to life. My heart was melted as I watched them and I knew that I was certainly not perfect- due to my own upbringing. It was easy for me to love and be loved in this camp- I will always remember…. I soon discovered when being along side lepers in another nation- that they were perfect- They loved and were loved. …. So I will breath- and not sink- and love through just being me….. Thank you for sharing. I know I may write many words here to make my point- but you took the time to write- and you deserve the respect in my response.


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