Non-Verbal Interface

i keep my truths silent

while living them in the open.

the work, my quirks and questions,

are the tinder for another’s creativity.


you and i are anything but “normal”,

choosing not to squander our tyrosine

on a dopamine addiction, 

that fuels frivolous drama.


instead we paint in muted colors 

and love in the abstract shape 

of kisses blown,

wireless electron wave functions,

oscillating static interference,

and soft flannel.


oh, how often do i assert, avoid, or amuse

to maintain a synthetic “peace”?

this body’s personality gestures 

while dipping its toes in the enigma 

of an eternally placid pool,

and my words 

drown willingly in its depths.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017
Photo: Phone Booth Library in London

6 thoughts on “Non-Verbal Interface

  1. Such a wonderful blog you have.. Thank you so much for sharing these works.. it really means a lot.
    Happy and pleasure to be stopped by here!! 🙂 😊😊

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  2. Just love that, “paint in muted colors” and your mentioning of electronic oscillations reminds me of the (electron’s) property of entanglement. What soul connection can look and feel like despite distances in time or space.

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