Mind Forms

quartz crystals filter rain,

a vertical maze

of rinse and repeat.

exceptional droplets 

that venture deep,

are immortalized in amethyst.


yet we do not shimmer

when solidified,

trapped inside 

our own personal universes,

using our senses only to verify

what we desire to be real.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017


Photo: Lightning at O’Sullivan’s Beach, South Australia by Ben Heide

14 thoughts on “Mind Forms

    1. Lightning photos are some of my favorites. I have never been able to get some good shots. CT visibility can be a challenge because of the trees. When I was in Indiana the storms were fierce and I was too afraid to try!😊 I look forward to seeing what you capture!

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      1. I have a new app for my iPad called NightCap Pro. It specializes in low light photography, star trails, ISS passes, and more. I’m getting used to it and hope to have some interesting shots in the future.

        Lightning is deadly. View from a safe place, preferably indoors. The storms are fierce sometimes. I love their intensity.

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