Driving Between Cornfields

I was wandering through the corn rows,

watching crows,

while my thoughts swam

like little corn snakes

wriggling between the stalks.


Stumbling out onto a dirt road,

i tripped into a ditch,

and sat awhile

to watch cream puff clouds crawl

across the sky sea.


You drove up in a Jeep with the top down.

Restless as a minnow at sunset,

i asked you for a lift.

i was not ready to climb in,

so i skipped alongside

while you cruised nearby –

for weeks.


Being mysterious got boring,

so I swung up onto the running board.

Dried mud,

pot holes,


tufty grass,


and  my chattering colloquy,

made for choppy conditions.


Should I turn back,

jump out,

take the wheel?

The engine sputtered like air in a faucet,

as the road smoothed,

tires falling… thud,

into two straight furrows,

and you loosened your hands on the wheel.


Foot on the pedal,

down shift,

low growl of the engine,

dusty wake,

picking up speed,

airborne between the waves,

i fell asleep,

trusting you and the road –

not to run out.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Cornfield and Sky


15 thoughts on “Driving Between Cornfields

      1. Fun to be amongst the tall plants. Out here in the midwest, there are oceans of fields with narrow gravel roads in between. The corn is twice as tall as any cars. You must be careful coming to intersections.

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          1. Where I grew up, there were no hills. All the farms were flat. We didn’t do mazes. But, we would wander out into a field always keeping an eye on the tall cottonwood by the barn.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Much of Iowa is not that flat but gently rolling hills.

              Is that Crossroads by Robert Johnson? I especially love the version by Eric Clapton. I enjoy playing along with it when it pops up on Pandora. Tell your son he made a good choice.

              Liked by 1 person

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