A Theory of Chaos

i feel the microburst

before the building shakes,

the tectonic slip

proceeding the tremor,

the widening ripples 

as the stone plummets.


my heart is wrapped

in a thin film of denial.

i do not want to know

my own contribution

to the speed of the vortex.


material is changeable, 

yet the human heart

remains a static universe,

black holes and quasars spin.


eyes sealed, i hold my breath

and wait for the train to pass,

as i curse the rib-less scar

that i use as my excuse.


love is the only consistency,

holding matter and energy,

blooming in magnitude

as it oozes between quarks

to mold this woman,

awake in a sentient universe.


i return the apple to the tree,

whose fragrance permeates 

the regenerating garden, 

and i do not wake alone.


there is only one ribcage,

one breath that bonds 

the human molecule –

and it is Good.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017
Photo:  Woman Watching Ripples by Elizabeth Gadd

15 thoughts on “A Theory of Chaos

  1. “Love is the only consistency” is a beautiful line, a beautiful thought. Love is an expression of attraction, magnetism, the strong and the weak forces which hold together atoms and molecules and everything in the universe. It is our search for connection and completion and continuation. What could be more fulfilling? A lovely poem.

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