minute whorls

of crystalline gold

lifted from infrared sands,

are sustained in vortices.


the currents

ripple through my heart,

fleshy hour glass

weaving my moments

into a singular existence.


eddies swirl through my vessels,

a necessary friction,

smoothing walls

that swell

with monsoon rains.


yet the tranquility

of my gentle mists

seed the deficient soil,

tilling in a fertility

as you bear down 

on the fruit of my forest.


bitter and sweet,

my lips paint the taste

 of synergy

on your skin –

and the rains come.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Dynamic Earth Ocean Currents by the Goddard Space Flight Center

Sands from the Sahara desert blow across the Atlantic, fertilizing the rainforest of South America.

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