You crawl into my lap

tugging my shirt on the side 

of your favorite breast.




The stray thread that I pull,

to ravel the weave

exposing my own bare belly.


The want of nearness and nourishment…


Fingers kneading and groping for skin,

like ducklings scrambling and skidding 

for the warmth of a downy breast.


Woven into our life quilt…


The blanket I throw over the clothesline 

in a  feeble attempt to wean the dust.

Even soot finds a place to rest.


The desire to be desired…


Tiny hands caress the curve of my chin

as you nuzzle my chest,

 and quench my thirst with a kiss –


Placed on the furrow over my heart…


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: “Motherhood” by Alexander Kuk

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