In Sight

what i am determined to see,

shapes me,

as drops of rain carve hollows 

in sand

and kiss breathless petals.


what tides have i allowed 

to sculpt 

my inner tavern?

how many floods 

have i transformed

with wave interference,

glowing in a shade of gratitude, 

blushing rose in half light?


what of me remains

to witness 

the other half  that wanders,

and wonders, 

why the self no longer desires 

that the ego

compose a poem?


all that i have inscribed,

unveals a yawning yearning

to become love.


Photo: Strawberry flowers

© M.G. Iannucci 2017


4 thoughts on “In Sight

  1. Thank you for your thought-filled post. We see what we see shaped by our experiences and innate desires. And, slowly, a reality we may not have glimpsed, unfolds before us, if we dare look. Ray

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