i fall away 

in pieces,

haphazard moments

gathered like soft locks

sliding through your hands.


and the moon plunges

into the bodice of the sea,

whose undulating neckline

combs past and future 

from intertidal stones.


i understand 

how much there is

that i do not know,

but do not feel 

what i need to learn.


yet i breathe 

as the tide 

finds fissures 

where light 

has not yet reached.

poised at the edge

of the surf’s relentlessly,

kneading, flickering edge,

i am brought closer to



© M.G. Iannucci 2017

8 thoughts on “Reach

  1. When I am free to “unknow,” my prison door opens and I can walk into the sunlight and begin to know, perhaps for the first time, who I am. Thank you for your post and the thoughts it stimulated. Ray

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